I love marijuana. I’m sure I would still be smoking if I didn’t have a job that required me to use my brain. This is why I started developing The Sequence. I NEEDED something to help me through the day like weed, but left me clear headed and able to function. Life is not supposed to be THAT hard. A couple puffs and everything looks much sunnier. However, after so many years of smoking I started wishing that I didn’t have to. There are many benefits but there are just as many downsides. What’s needed is a healthier alternative. So you get into edibles but you forgot about the mental. Glitch. Plus everyone knows it’s not the same. Toke. Try again. You quit but life really sucks without. Hit that J and your spirit comes back into your body. Life is worth living! Shit, all the side effects are coming back. There are many more cloudy days. Day, dream daze. Walking slower. The Great Escape.

-4 years gone and I don’t even miss it